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Editor in Chief:

Ram N. Mohapatra
(University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA)


Kailash C. Misra
(North Carolina State University, USA)

Managing Editor:

S. Nanda
(KIIT University , Bhubaneswar, India)

Aims and Scope

This journal shares the research carried out through different disciplines in regards to the methodological and theoretical role of mathematics in underpinning all scientific disciplines. The scope is intentionally broad, but papers must make a novel contribution to the fields covered in order to be considered for publication. Problems such as Interface of Mathematics with other Disciplines, mathematical analysis and its numerous applications, Theoretical Role of Mathematics, Methodological Role of Mathematics, Interface of Statistics with other Disciplines, Cognitive Sciences, Applications of Mathematics, Industrial Mathematics, Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Biology, Fuzzy Mathematics also shared in this journal. Besides the original research articles expository papers, which are hard to express or model, conference proceedings, book reviews and announcements are also welcome.

Journal Topics

The journal of OMS is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles on all aspects of both pure and applied mathematics. It also publishes original research articles on interdisciplinary mathematics. Journal of OMS also publishes focused review articles that assess the state of the art, and identify upcoming challenges and promising solutions for the community. The Journals considers the topics as: algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, analysis of PDEs, category theory, classical analysis and ODEs, combinatorics, commutative algebra, complex variables, differential geometry, dynamical systems, functional analysis, general mathematics, general topology, geometric topology, group theory, history and overview, information theory, K-theory and homology, logic, metric geometry, number theory, numerical analysis, operator algebras, optimization and control, probability, quantum algebra, representation theory, rings and algebras, spectral theory, statistics theory, symplectic geometry, geometric analysis, variational problems, mathematical finance, harmonic analysis, computer science, quantum theory, mathematical and computational biology.

Peer Review Policy

All submitted manuscripts are subject to initial appraisal by the Editor-in-Chief (Prof. Ram N. Mohapatra) or Managing Editor (Prof. S. Nanda) and, if found suitable for further consideration, to rigorous and rapid peer review by independent, anonymous expert referees. There is no publication fee. It is free for authors.

Editorial Board of the Journal of OMS

Alois Kufner

(Czech Republic)
Inequalities , Sobolev spaces, PDE

M.A. Navascues

(Spain): Fractal Interpolation and Approximation theory.

Peter Johnson

(Auburn University , Alabama, USA):
Functional Analysis, Sequences spaces, Graph Theory and Combinatorics.

Josip Pecaric

(member of the Crotian Academy):
Inequalities, Convexity and Applications.

Ram U Verma

(Texas State University , SAN Marcus, USA):
Variational Inequalities, Convexity and Optimization.

Tianxiao He

Finite Elements, Slines and Approximation Theory.

Shijun Liao

(Naval architecture, Shanghai, Jia Tong University, China):
Fluid Mechanics.

Ekrem Savas

(Turkey) :
Summability and Sequences Spaces.

H.M. Srivastava

(University of Victoria, BC, Canada) :
Complex Analysis, Special Functions, Goemetric function Theory.

Narendra Govil

(Aubuan University, USA):
Complex variables, Approximation Theory.

Heinrich Begehr

(Berlin Free University, Germany):
Algebra and Algebraic Geometry.

R. Saigal

(University of Michigaon, USA ):

L. Leindler

(member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Bolya Institute , Szeged, Hungary):
Real Analysis, Fourier series.